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How to fix Unexpected End of File Photoshop in Windows 11/10

Some users reported that they encountered a problem of “unexpected end of file photoshop” when they were trying to open PSD files.  Are you one of those who is facing the same problem, then is no need to worry about this, because in this guide you will get an easy and workable solution to fix the sudden end of PSD file error?

Photoshop is widely used by people when it comes to image editing.  First, we will check out the reason why this problem has occurred in your Windows 11 or 10 –

  • You might have an older version of Photoshop.
  • Whenever you’re saving any file in Photoshop, then sometimes it will be failed to store the info of its header and footer, that could be a reason.
  • It might happen because your files get corrupted.
  • The drive doesn’t have enough space where you’re saving this file.
  • Unexpected shut down of your pc when you’re editing any image file
  • Your system can be infected with any virus or malfunctions.

Methods to fix Unexpected End of File Photoshop in WIndows

Now we will move forward to fix this problem with the following different but easy methods –

Method 1: Change the file extension

This is the best and easiest way to fix the unexpected end of file error in photoshop. In this method, you simply need to change the extension of the file to PSD. To perform this, follow the steps below –

1. Press the win+r button to open the run dialogue box.

2. Now type the following path and hit enter.


3. It will open the temp folder, now look for the Photoshop Temp file.

unexpected end of file photoshop

4. Once you find it change its extension to .psd extension.

Note: You can sort the temp folders file by date, type, and size. Here we sort it by size, so it appears on the top level.

Method 2: Free up Disk Space in Windows 11/10

If the above method doesn’t work in your system then you can try this to resolve your end of file error in photoshop. In most cases, if your disk has low space then it might be caused by a crash in a running programs like adobe photoshop etc. So you can get rid of this by increasing your disk space, either by adding a large-size HDD into your system or by removing unnecessary space covered by temp files, junk files, etc.

To do this, follow the steps below –

1. Press the win+e button to open Windows Explorer.

2. Now right-click on c drive and select the Properties option.

3. Next, click on Disk Cleanup and wait for calculating the space that can be free. Once this process is completed it will open the list of items that can be removed from the disk.

an unexpected end of file was encountered photoshop

4. Now click on the OK button and then click on Delete Files.

5. Let’s wait for the cleanup process to be finished.

After completing this process your disk has more free space. Now restart your adobe photoshop tool and check if the unexpected end of the file was encountered in photoshop or not.

Method 3: Enable Photoshop Backward Compatibility

If you’re using an older version of adobe photoshop and now you’ve upgraded it to the latest one, then this can be a reason for getting an “unexpected end of file photoshop” error. You can fix it by enabling the forward and backward compatibility options available in file handling. Follow the steps below to perform this action –

1. Launch Photoshop and click on Edit > Preferences > File Handling…

2. It will prompt a preference window where you can find the “Maximize PSD and PSB File Compatibility”. Now click on the drop-down and select “Always”.

photoshop end of file was encountered

After enabling this you will be able to open older versions of files without encountering any errors.

Method 4: Use Any Third Party PSD Repair Tool

If the above method doesn’t fix your end of file error then here we suggest you take the help of any PSD repair tool like a PSD repair kit, Remo Repair PSD, etc. Here we’ve used the PSD repair kit tool to fix the corrupted file. Follow the steps below to perform –

1. Download the PSD repair kit from its official website and install it.

2. Now select the corrupted PSD file and click on Next.

3. Now it will show the data of the corrupted file and then click on the next button to select the target folder and name to restore the data.

4. Now click on the recover button and wait for the process to complete.

It will recover your file that is compatible with your current version of adobe photoshop.


The above four methods will surely help to fix the “Unexpected End of File Photoshop” error. But if you do not want to occur this problem in the future, always keep –

– Scan your windows with the antivirus to remove if there has been any malfunction or if the virus definition has been added to your system.

– Save your files to a cloud document or sync your system with the cloud to avoid the interruption of unexpected shutdown of Windows.

– Scan your pc with the disk cleanup tool to remove unnecessary files from your system.

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