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How to Fix Spotify Application not Responding in Windows 10

Are you facing an error popup of the Spotify Application not responding on your Windows 10 pc? If yes, then you don’t need to worry to fix this issue because we are here to help with this article. 

Why does the Spotify Application Not Responding error occur in Windows pc?

  1. Sometimes, your system is forced to shut down without closing the other applications. It will corrupt your program and in result the Spotify Not Responding type of error occurred. 
  2. Second reason depends on from where you’ve downloaded the application from Microsoft store or their official website, due to builds may differ.
  3. It may not be working because your antivirus is blocking the spotify to use due to a glitch in the app.
  4. Windows is unable to locate the app in the task manager.

So, these are the common reasons which do not allow you to use spotify. Now we will learn how to fix this issue.

Best Way to fix Spotify Application is not responding

If your spotify application is frozen and not working in your windows 10 then follow these methods to fix the issue. 

Method 1 = End spotify process from the Task Manager

Step 1.  Right click on your windows icon or press the win+x button from your keyboard and click on the task manager.

Spotify Application not responding

Step 2 – Now look for the spotify process running and right click on it.

Step 3 – Now click on the end task and it will terminate the process running in the windows background.

Spotify Application not responding

After this, restart your computer and run your spotify app. If still your spotify application is not working then try other methods to fix it. 

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Method 2 = Firewall blocking spotify – Allow access through firewall

Spotify not working

Sometimes the windows firewall does not allow to run the spotify application. In this case we need to give permission to the firewall. Let’s follow the process to troubleshoot if the firewall has blocked access to spotify- 

Step 1 – Open your windows settings by pressing the win button and click on the gear icon.

Step 2 – Now click on the update and security option.

Spotify Application not working

Step 3 – Now select the windows security from the left pane and click on virus & threat protection.

Spotify Application not working

Step 4 – Now click on the manage settings and look for the exclusion option at the bottom of the screen. 

Spotify not working

Step 5 – Now select the folder that has been blocked by antivirus.

Spotify Application not responding Windows 10

This process will fix your spotify not working error. If it still doesn’t work then reinstall the application.

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Method 3 = Troubleshoot in Compatibility Mode

Spotify provides the facility of compatibility troubleshooter which helps to troubleshoot your application if it doesn’t work in your Windows. To use this follow the steps below – 

Step 1 – Open windows explorer by pressing the win+e button.

Step 2 – Now locate to the following path and right click on spotify.exe and then click on properties.

Path - C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Spotify

Spotify Application not responding

Note – You can directly go to this path by right clicking on the spotify shortcut and selecting the open file location.

Step 3 – Now select the compatibility tab in the properties window and click on the Run Compatibility Troubleshooter.

Spotify Application not responding

It will troubleshoot and fix the spotify not responding error. Also you can try other compatibility settings to resolve the problem. Refer to the below screenshot for understanding the purpose of available settings.

Spotify Application not responding Windows 10

Method 4 = Clean Corrupted Files and Data

Often, Spotify files have been corrupted due to any reason, which may cause Spotify not responding on Windows PCs. To fix this issue follow the steps below – 

Step 1 – Press win+r and open the run dialogue box. 

Step 2 – Now type %appdata% and press enter.

Spotify Application not responding Windows 10

Step 3 – Look for the spotify app folder and permanently delete it by pressing shift+delete.

Spotify Application not responding Windows 10

This will remove the corrupted data and files of Spotify from your system and download it from the official website and reinstall it.

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Method 5 = Uninstall Spotify Application

Step 1 – Press the win+x button and click on the control panel. 

Step 2 – Now click on the uninstall program.

Step 3 – Find spotify and click on it to uninstall.

Uninstall Spotify

Once the uninstall finished, download it from its official website or download it from Microsoft Store and reinstall it.


We hope that the above mentioned methods will completely resolve your spotify application not responding problem. If you’ve any question then leave it in the comment section below, we will answer it quickly. 

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