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How To Disable SearchApp.Exe Windows Process Permanently [2022]

SearchApp.exe is a dedicated Windows process/executable file responsible for managing the search functions of the Taskbar. The Windows process was previously known by the name ‘SearchUI.exe’ but after the 19H1 Update, the company renamed this executable file to distinguish this feature from other components.

It can be found under the following directory:




So, What’s Exactly SearchApp.Exe Windows Process?

SearchApp.exe is typically a low-resource process that sits in the background and ensures that as soon as you click the Search Bar on the bottom-left corner of the screen, the search menu pop-ups instantly. This helps users to search for something on their PC or web, launch applications or make alterations in Settings. In layman terms, the Windows process SearchApp.exe allows the search bar on your Taskbar to work properly without any hurdles. It further indexes the files or web searches and retrieves accurate results in no time.

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Is SearchApp.Exe Safe To Run?

Well, the very first thing you can do to determine whether SearchApp.exe is safe to run is to check its location. As previously mentioned, the SearchApp.exe file should fall under the directory:


and the path may look something like

C:\Program Files\Nikon Corporation\Nikon Capture\SearchApp.exe

To check the location of the SearchApp.exe file on your Windows, all you have to do is: Launch Task Manager > View > Select Columns and hit Image Path Name. This will help you add a location column to your Task Manager. Hence, you can verify the path of SearchApp.exe, if it doesn’t look similar to something mentioned above, then there’s a high probability that SearchApp.exe is a virus and not a legitimate Windows process.

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Windows User Facing Issues Due To SearchApp.exe – WindowsPhoneInfo


NOTE: Some harmful contents & malware camouflages themselves as SearchApp.exe and can be found under different locations than the original path mentioned above. Hence, we advise our users to frequently check where the SearchApp.exe resides and use a professional antimalware tool to verify computer security and ensure that Windows process like SearchApp.exe doesn’t drain your system resources or hamper overall performance.

Technical Summary: SearchApp.Exe Windows Process

Here’s a list of some facts related to SearchApp.exe:

NAME: SearchApp.exe
PUBLISHER: Nikon Corporation
KNOWN TO BE: Up to 53248 Bytes in Size
TYPE: Trojan
  • Software Bundling
  • Opening harmful email attachments
  • Clicking on intrusive ads
  • Browsing shady websites
SIMILAR EXE FILES: Serviceshub.clr, Activeas.exe
HOW TO GET RID OF IT? Using a professional antivirus software to remove SearchApp.exe on Windows 10.

Common Error Messages That Appears Due To SearchApp.Exe

Here’s a list of common issues that may appear with the SearchApp.exe Windows process:

  • Application Error with ‘SearchApp.exe’ file.
  • Cannot find the ‘SearchApp.exe’ file error.
  • ‘SearchApp.exe’ (application) is not a running or valid program.
  • ‘SearchApp.exe’ network usage.
  • ‘SearchApp.exe’ not responding.
  • ‘SearchApp.exe’ file consuming too much CPU and RAM resources.
  • ‘SearchApp.exe’ (application) failed to start.

Before You Consider Disabling SearchApp.Exe, DO THIS:

Before removing or disabling the Windows process SearchApp.exe we advise our users to hide the Search Bar instead. This way the annoying executable file will remain enabled but it would be paused. If you are all set to hide the search bar, follow the instructions mentioned below:

STEP 1 – Navigate to the Taskbar and right-click to choose the Search option from the Context Menu.

STEP 2 – Click on the Hidden option to proceed.

disable searchapp

STEP 3 – In case, any time you decide to re-enable the search bar, you don’t need to take any extra steps. Simply, go to the Taskbar again, right-click on it and select Search > Show search box.

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How To Disable Windows 10 Search Bar Process – SearchApp.exe?

We are sharing four different ways to stop SearchApp.exe on your Windows PC, even if you have already hidden it from the Taskbar. Follow the steps mentioned below:

METHOD 1 – Use Task Manager To Disable SearchApp.exe

On Task Manager, all you have to do is to stop SearchApp.exe:

STEP 1 – Navigate to the Taskbar and right-click to choose Task Manager from the context menu.

remove searchapp

STEP 2 – From the Task Manager window, head towards the Details tab and look for SearchApp.exe or SearchUI.exe from the list. If you found any process running, simply right-click on it and choose the option End Task today.

disable searchapp

STEP 3 – As soon as you do that, a pop-up menu will appear on the screen, asking for your confirmation to stop the SearchApp.exe process. Simply click End Process to move ahead.


Now that you’ve successfully disabled SearchApp.exe on your Windows, go to the Search bar again and let Windows restore the search bar’s functions properly.

METHOD 2 – Use A Professional Security Tool To Delete SearchApp.exe

There are a lot of PC Security utilities on the web, we recommend using GrindSoft Anti-Malware that can help you remove SearchApp.exe permanently. All you need to do is:

STEP 1 – Download & launch GrindSoft Anti-Malware on your Windows PC.

GridinSoft Anti-Malware

STEP 2 – As soon as the antimalware tool makes its place on your system, it will automatically start running a comprehensive scan to find and clean harmful content like SearchApp.exe and others. Keep patience as the security software can take a significant amount of time to thoroughly scan your computer and fix unwanted items that may hamper your performance.

GridinSoft Anti-Malware

STEP 3 – Hit the Clean Now button to get rid of potential infections that may be responsible for compromising the security of your computer.

GridinSoft Anti-Malware

Hopefully, your computer would be free from annoying Windows processes like SearchApp.exe. If you know any other great antivirus program that may help in removing SearchApp.exe, then do share with us in the comments below.

METHOD 3 – Remove SearchApp.exe Via PowerShell/Command Prompt

Apply this method to permanently remove the annoying Windows process SearchApp.exe on your Windows PC. All you have to do is:

STEP 1 – Launch Run window. You can press Windows + R keys on your keyboard to open the Run dialog box on your system.

STEP 2 – As soon as it gets opened, simply type cmd in the box and press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER. Doing so will open the Command Prompt window as an administrator.


STEP 3 – From the main CMD screen, execute the following command line:

cd %windir%\SystemApps

Hit Enter and this open System Apps on your PC.

STEP 4 – Now execute the following command line to permanently delete the SearchApp.exe process.

taskkill /f /im SearchApp.exe

STEP 5 – Keep patience and let the command utility do its magic. It would take a few moments to remove SearchApp.exe on your computer. As soon as it is done, you need to implement the last command line on your system:

move Microsoft.Windows.Search_cw5n1h2txyewy Microsoft.Windows.Search_cw5n1h2txyewy.old

That’s all! You have successfully removed the SearchApp.exe Windows process on your system. This will potentially remove all the associated error messages and performance issues occurring on your Windows 10 due to SearchApp.exe.

METHOD 4 – Remove SearchApp.exe Using Cortana (For old Windows users)

In case you are using an old Windows 10 build, this method is for you to easily disable the SearchApp.exe Windows process on your PC. Follow the instructions carefully:

STEP 1 – Go to the Start menu and right-click to choose Windows PowerShell (Admin).

remove searchapp

STEP 2 – Execute the following command line to remove Cortana properly and get rid of the SearchUI.exe process on your Windows.

Get-AppxPackage *Microsoft.549981C3F5F10* | Remove-AppxPackage

STEP 3 – As soon as you do that, Windows PowerShell will prompt the following screen:

remove searchapp

STEP 4 – You don’t need to do anything now, simply type exit and close the PowerShell utility.

This method will permanently delete Cortana from your system, which will eventually result in removing the SearchUI.exe process. In case, anytime you want to reinstall Cortana, then simply navigate to the Microsoft Store and get the latest version.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What does searchapp.exe do in Windows 10?

‘SearchApp.exe’ is a dedicated Windows process/executable file responsible for managing search functions of the Taskbar. It can be found under the following directory:

Q2. What does searchui.exe do in Windows 10?

Formerly, the Windows process (SearchApp.exe) was known with the name ‘SearchUI.exe’ but after 19H1 Update, the company renamed this executable file to distinguish this feature from other components.

Q3. What’s the difference between Cortana and searchui.exe?

Well, SearchUI.exe is a process that helps the search bar on your Taskbar to work. It was previously combined with the digital assistant Cortana to execute search functionalities. But later, it was removed from the personal assistant, so that it can act as a dedicated feature from other components.

Q4. How to remove seachapp.exe from Windows 10?

You can use Task Manager, a professional security software & Windows PowerShell to permanently remove SearchApp.exe on Windows 10. Alternatively, you can uninstall Cortana to get rid of the SearchUI.exe process permanently.

Did this guide help you to disable searchapp.exe on your system? If yes, then share your experience in the comments section below. If you are aware of any other alternatives, then do mention them as well!

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