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How to Fix No AMD Radeon Graphics Driver is installed on Windows 10?

Graphics drivers are the main elements for the visual experience you have with your Windows 10 system. There are a wide variety of graphics drivers available. AMD Radeon Graphics driver and Intel graphics are the most common graphics that come with most of the OEM computers. AMD Graphics is one of the reliable graphics cards that you can use with a custom-built machine as well.

Apart from the superior abilities of AMD, sometimes it may show no graphics driver error message. An error in the graphics driver may spoil your computing experience. In this brief, we have briefed the best possible methods available for solving the ‘No AMD Graphics driver is installed’ error. Go through the post and try the quick fix if your AMD driver is not functioning properly.

no AMD graphics driver is installed

Reasons for Getting ‘No AMD Radeon Graphics Driver is Installed’ Error

Your AMD graphics driver will not be working properly if you have problems with the installation files. Here we go with the reasons for AMD graphic drivers not functioning properly.

Irrelevant Update File Installed

At a regular interval, your AMD Radeon graphics will be updated. A partial update file may be installed on your PC if your updating procedure is stopped due to poor connectivity or power loss your AMD driver may not function properly. It may result in an AMD Radeon graphics installed Nvidia error.

Redistributable C++ Software Missing

A redistributable C++ package is essential for running your AMD Radeon graphics driver. If the software is not available on your PC, then you may get the ‘No AMD Radeon graphics driver is installed’ error. You can diagnose this issue by installing the software.

Older Windows Version

Sometimes using an outdated Windows operating system can also affect the functionality of your graphics driver. Keep your OS configuration up to date can avoid the ‘No AMD graphics driver is installed (Nvidia)’ error.

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How to Fix ‘No AMD Graphics Driver is Installed in Nvidia’ Error?

We have many tweaks available to resolve the ‘No AMD graphics driver is installed’ error. These methods are capable of solving the problem in your AMD graphics driver with ease. You can go through the resourceful insights given below to enrich your knowledge on error diagnosing techniques.

Reinstall the Graphics Driver

no AMD graphics driver is installed Nvidia

When your AMD graphics driver isn’t working properly, the most straightforward solution is to reinstall the graphics driver. Make sure you are uninstalling your driver software in safe mode. Let us learn how we can do it.

Step 1: Boot your system in the Safe Mode.

Step 2: Press (Win +R) to open the Run command window, type devmgmt.msc to access the Device Manager of your system.

AMD driver not functioning properly

Step 3: choose the Display Adapter to access your graphics driver.

AMD driver not functioning properly

Step 4: Right-click to access the context menu of the AMD graphics driver and choose properties. Click on the Uninstall button.

Step 5:  Confirm your selection and wait for the process to complete.

Step 6: A regular restart may pull up the latest updated drivers from the Windows Update Library. Reinstall the AMD Radeon graphics driver software.

Note:  Make sure to remove the AMD folder after uninstalling the driver software. You can locate the AMD driver folder in the “C” driver of your system.

Updating Your AMD Radeon Graphics Driver

‘No AMD Graphics Driver is Installed (Nvidia)’ error while using your Windows 10 PC will affect the visual functionality of your system. You can fix this error by updating your Graphics driver manually using the following steps.

Step 1: Press the (Win + R) key to access the Run command window.

Step 2: Type devmgmt.msc and hit the Enter key to open Device Manager.

Step 3: Right-click to access the context menu of the AMD Radeon graphics driver.

Step 4: Choose the choice for updating the driver.

no AMD graphics driver is installed Nvidia

Step 5: Select the Search Automatically for driver option to update the drivers if you have already installed Windows Updates. Select the ‘Browse my computer for drivers’ option if you have downloaded the graphics driver from the official AMD website.

Step 6: Follow the wizard and restart the computer once done.

Using Third-party Applications

If you are tired of using the manual methods for troubleshooting your ‘No AMD Radeon Graphics Driver’ error, you can try using some trustworthy third-party software for making your graphics driver work fine. Here we have clued in the efficient attributes of System Mechanic Ultimate Defence software. You can make use of it and diagnose your AMD driver not functioning properly.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defence

AMD driver not functioning properly

Being the product of IOLO software developers, System Mechanic Ultimate Defence is the best tool available for settling the ‘No AMD Radeon Graphics Driver Installed’ error. The software is a one-stop solution for system-performance issues. The software maintains your system health, keeps all the device drivers updated, protects your data, and can prevent any malware infections.


  • Capable of recovering your missing files
  • Can secure your system from any type of malware infections
  • Excellent ability to protect user data available in your system files
  • The tool can also optimize and tune-up your PC for better performance
  • Can remove unwanted installation leftovers from your system
  • Capable of monitoring your system for errors and issues
  • User-friendly interface with multi-language support

Summing Up

Graphics drivers are the main elements for getting better visual effects in your system. Drivers create a communication bridge between the device and the operating system. AMD Radeon graphics driver is one of the system software with extended abilities. You may encounter the ‘No AMD graphics driver is installed’ error at times. The reasons and solutions for resolving the AMD graphics driver error are briefed in this post. These solutions will surely work to resolve AMD graphics driver errors.

Frequently Asked Questions about “No AMD Radeon Graphics Driver is installed”

Q1. How do I fix the No AMD graphics driver installed?

Any error with your AMD graphics driver can be fixed by reinstalling your driver software. You can try the manual steps above or use the best driver updater software like System Mechanic Ultimate Defence to diagnose issues on your AMD Radeon graphics driver.

Q2. Why is my computer saying no AMD graphics driver is installed?

The main reason for the ‘No AMD graphics driver is installed’ error is incomplete installation, corrupt or outdated device driver. It may occur due to any interruption during the Windows Update process on your computer.

Q3. How do I enable my AMD graphics?

You can use the switchable graphics option available in your Windows 10 PC for enabling the AMD Radeon graphics driver. Just right-click to access the context menu of your system desktop to control switchable graphics from your System options.

Q4. How do I reinstall my AMD graphics driver?

You have to remove your current version of AMD Radeon system software to reinstall it. You can remove the driver software from the display adapters option available in your Device Manager. After clearing your AMD graphics driver file, access the official website of the graphics driver software to choose and download the AMD graphics driver of your choice. The installation will begin after the download is complete.

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