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How to Fix “Getting Windows Ready Stuck, Don’t Turn Off your Computer”

Are you one of them who is getting the error of “Getting Windows Ready Stuck in their laptop or computer” at the time of restarting? Then no need to panic, because in this blog you’ll get the quick fixes to resolve the error of getting ready in Windows 10 or 11.

First, you should know why this problem occurred in your system? There could be the following reasons as follows – 

– You might have shut down your pc before completing Windows Update.– It can happen because any file or software on your system has been corrupted.– One reason can be the large size of the Windows update file and it’s taking a lot of time to complete.

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How to fix Computer Stuck on Getting WIndows Ready

Some Windows users discussed getting windows ready stuck on Reddit and forums. Let’s check out the solution to fix this problem – 

Solution 1 – Wait for some time to complete this 

Sometimes there could be large sizes of update files that occur on your Windows update. After completing downloads, once you restart your system these files will take a longer time to get installed. We suggest you wait for at least 2-3 hours to complete this process. If it is still not completed then proceed to the next solution. 

Solution 2 – Power reset your computer or laptop

This solution will be helpful for you if the first solution doesn’t work. In this solution, you need to follow the steps below – 

1. First unplug all the attached external devices like pen drive, headphones, etc.

2. Now shut down your windows pc.

3. When your computer is in the shutdown phase press and hold the power key for 30 seconds.

4. If you’re using any laptop like hp, dell and if it has a removable battery, remove it and plug in your power cable to start it.

5. Now check if your windows do not show any infinite loop of getting stuck windows ready then it has been fixed.

If this solution doesn’t fix the problem then go for the next method to resolve it.

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Solution 3 – Fix this problem with Windows Startup Repair

This method will try if the above solution is not working on your computer or laptop. In this solution, you need to follow the steps below – 

1. First, shut down your system and plugin any bootable USB/CD/DVD.

2. Now enter into the boot menu and select your bootable device and click on “Repair Your Computer” as shown below screenshot.

getting windows ready stuck

3. After this click on Advanced Option and click on startup repair.

getting windows ready stuck

This startup repair will fix computer stuck on getting windows ready problems that you face at the time of startup.

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Solution 4 – Fix getting windows ready using System Restore or System Image Recovery

hp laptop stuck on getting windows ready

If startup repair didn’t fix the issue, then go for the restore or recovery option. Before going to the system restore or system image recovery option, will clarify the main difference between these two terms.

System restore can help you to recover all data when you’ve last created any restore point while system image recovery will bring your laptop or system into the same position when you’ve purchased it. This means it will clear all your data or apps which you’ve installed manually while system restore will keep your data that is available in an existing backup of files

Follow the steps below to perform this solution – 

1. Insert any installation device into your system

2. Enter into the boot menu and click on your bootable device

3. Now click on Repair your Computer – choose an option – Troubleshoot – Advanced Option – System Restore

4. Follow the steps shown in the system restore wizard.

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Solution 5 – Run System File Checker for windows stuck on getting windows ready

Sometimes, the corrupted updates file can be a reason for this problem to occur. But with the help of System File Checker, you can fix these damaged or corrupted files and this will get rid of your system from getting ready windows 10 loop. Follow these steps and commands to perform this – 

1. Enter into the boot menu by plugin the bootable device into your system and clicking on the repair of your computer

2. Next head to choose an option – troubleshoot – advanced option – command prompt

3. Type the following command and press enter.


computer stuck on getting windows ready

4. Wait for the completion of this process.

Now restart your system to see if the changes have been done and your problem has been fixed. If it still persists then follow the next method.

Solution 6 – Uninstall Recent Updates via Login to Safe Mode

If the system file checker didn’t fix your Getting Windows Ready Stuck problem then you need to uninstall the recent updates. Because there might be some files has been added to your system in windows updates that cause this problem, so we will remove these files by following the steps below – 

1. Go to the Advanced Option of the bootable menu and click on startup settings.

computer stuck on getting windows ready

2. Now press the win+r button and type control and hit enter.

3. Next click on uninstall a program option

4. Now head over to the recent updates files and uninstall them.

getting ready windows 10

Once you remove all the recent updates then restart your system to see the changes.

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Solution 7 – Reinstalling the Windows 10/11

Re-installing can be the last and fixed solution to get rid of your PC’s problem “Getting Windows Ready Stuck, Don’t Turn Off your Computer”. If the above six solutions didn’t fix your problem then you need to install a fresh copy of Windows because it will erase all the settings and updates on your pc. 

Note: Make sure you have the backup of all your important files and data before installing new windows


These are the best seven methods which can help you to fix the problem of computers stuck on getting windows ready. Here we suggest you always keep a backup of all the files to prevent your system from such types of errors.  Let us know in the comment section which method works for you. Also follow us on Facebook, and Twitter for such kinds of updates.

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